Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)

NetTickIT features advanced Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), which provide real-time, dynamic pricing and product information directly at the shelf edge. These labels offer a seamless and efficient way to manage product data, ensuring customers always have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Key benefits of our ESL solution

  • Real-Time Updates: Instantly change prices and product information across all labels.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Clear, readable labels with customizable designs.

  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce the need for manual price updates and eliminate pricing errors.
  • Sustainability: Minimize paper usage and waste with digital labels.

Hybrid Shelf Edge Communication

NetTickIT combines the best of both digital and print communication methods to ensure comprehensive coverage and flexibility.

Our hybrid approach integrates print, ESL, and digital displays, allowing for:

Versatile Information Delivery

Use the most effective communication method for each product.

Seamless Integration

Ensure all communication channels are synchronized and up-to-date.

Improved Shopper Engagement

Capture customer attention with dynamic and engaging displays.

Connected Commerce

NetTickIT leverages connected commerce technologies to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.

Features include:

  • Mobile Markdown: Simplify and speed up the markdown process with mobile capabilities.
  • Interactive Features: Utilize QR codes, NFC, and RFID to provide additional product information and interactive experiences.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Support eco-friendly practices with digital communication and reduced paper waste.

Implementation and Support

Our team of experts ensures a smooth implementation process, providing comprehensive support and training to maximize the benefits of NetTickIT.

We offer:

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