As retail continues its journey into and across multiple channels, managing payments becomes increasingly complex. It is vital for retailers to have visibility and control over this mission-critical activity. Aquila Dynamics offers a solution with Aquila PAYMENTS, a Merchant Optimized Omnichannel Payment Hub designed to meet these challenges.

Aquila Payments enables merchants to create and design a payment ecosystem across both physical and online channels, ensuring they remain in control of their payment processes. This solution aims to increase convenience and conversion through localization, enhance security across the payment journey, and deliver cost savings at every touchpoint.

Key Drivers

Solution Overview

Aquila PAYMENTS - Solution Overview

Aquila PAYMENTS is built on three pillars of technology expertise and delivery:

Exorigo Upos Eurocard EFT

A merchant-optimized payments orchestration hub for card-present retail, integrated with leading mobile payment devices and four of the world’s top payment gateways/acquirers.


A leading global provider of localized online payment solutions, white-labeled as Aquila PAYMENTS. Nuvei excels in international, localized eCommerce and marketplace payments and is expanding into the card-present world.

Aquila SERVICES Europe

A comprehensive deployment of payment hardware solutions in Europe, ensuring mission-critical systems are always available.


Aquila PAYMENTS - Benefits

Payment Choice at POS

Offer merchants diverse payment options at the point of sale.

Extended Market Coverage

Partner with leading hardware brands to broaden market reach.

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs through agility, choice, and simplicity in payment solutions.

Hardware and Gateway Integrations

Aquila PAYMENTS integrates with leading payment hardware devices and gateways

  • Ingenico: Lane3000, Lane3600, Axium RX 5000.
  • Sunmi: P2 Mobile device, P2 Smart PIN pad.
  • PayEye: Integrated with initial use cases underway.
  • PAX: PIN pad A35.
  • Verifone: PIN pad P400.
  • Newland: P300

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