Key Benefits

Latest version control

Real Time Pricing & Promotion

One Price Platform

Prices and offers for all stores updated across all channels

Sales Uplift

Better Information at the shelf edge support sales increase

Brand Consistency

On-brand consistency with automated artwork and full version control

Real Time Execution

Changes & customer offers updated in minutes

Reduced Shrinkage

Data driven pricing which reduces shrinkage and squeezes more margin out of your stock

Attract & Engage

Improved customer experience ‘at the shelf edge’

Improve Productivity

Productivity in stores increases by simplifying the processes

Price Accuracy

online, offline and mobile – central or local

Critical Bank Information

Legal, regulatory or important health & safety information

Labour Saving

Streamline ticketing and localize promotion production

On Demand Printing

Print what you need directly at the shelf edge

Pricing Agility

Digital shelf edge promotions – revenue generator from key suppliers

Product Visibility

Creative shelf edge designed tickets offer CPG differentiation